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It's getting Festive

Tips and ideas for poinsettia table decorations

Whether it’s coffee during Advent, a candlelit supper, or a Christmas dinner, its well as good food, a lovingly decorated table is all part of a successful occasion: After all, we eat with our eyes. Poinsettias make fantastic table centerpieces with their fabulous bracts. The experts at Stars for Europe (SfE) showcase new tips and ideas for decorating your table with poinsettias.

Opulent table centerpiece in red, gold, and bronze

Poinsettias in shimmering contrasts are the stars of the show in this sumptuous table setting in shades of red, gold, and bronze. As both potted plants in a stylish goblet bowl in the center of the table, and as cut flowers in homemade apple flower holders at each place, poinsettias make this festive table gleam. Fresh winterberry (Ilex verticillata) and artificial autumn leaves add beautiful accents in the glimmering bowl between the bright red bracts of the poinsettia.

To make the poinsettia candle holder, carefully remove the mini poinsettia from its pot, wrap the root ball with moss and secure it with craft wire. Tip: Water the plant beforehand so the root ball is moist. Finally, insert the spiked candle holders into the moss balls.

Wrap the red ribbon around the oranges, tie a bow at the top and fasten it to the underside of the fruit with a pin. Finally, arrange the homemade poinsettia holders and candlesticks on the table, together with the decorated oranges and more frosted apples.

Sumptuous cut pink poinsettia table decoration

Pink cut poinsettias, golden vases, and glasses, shimmering Christmas baubles, candles, and a string of lights add festive glamour, a romantic atmosphere, and a touch of nostalgia to this glorious Christmas table. Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) and eucalyptus foliage complement the cut poinsettias. More cut stems, in flower tubes filled with water, have been arranged with cones on the plates.

Elegant table decoration of cream poinsettias

Dark, warm shades of green have a calming effect and create a relaxed mood. In these elegant table decorations, they contrast beautifully with the brilliant creamy white of the poinsettias. Give your guests a dazzling welcome by placing cut poinsettias on their plates. Tip: To avoid contamination, either wrap the ends of the stems with green floral tape or place them in a flower tube filled with water.

Scandi-style poinsettia table centerpiece

In this elegant Nordic design, cream poinsettias are combined with winterberry branches (Ilex verticillata), eucalyptus pods (Eucalyptus robusta), anthurium (Anthurium andraeanum), and protea (Protea neriifolia) to create artistic arrangements.

Poinsettias as cut flowers

As cut flowers, poinsettias stand out with their huge mock blooms and long vase life. Cut poinsettia stems can be kept fresh for around two weeks in a container filled with clean water or soaked floral foam. Immediately after cutting, dip the cut ends in hot water (about 60°C) for a few seconds and then immediately in cold water. In the example on the left, a cut poinsettia is inserted into a Christmas bauble with its little cap removed and filled with water. This is then placed in a bowl. A name tag shows the guest who’s sitting where.

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Stars for Europe

Stars for Europe (SfE) is the marketing initiative of the European poinsettia growers Dümmen Orange, Selecta One, Beekenkamp Plants, and Syngenta Flowers. The initiative was founded in 2000 with the aim of promoting and securing long-term poinsettia sales in Europe. SfE activities currently exist in 22 European countries. From 2021 to 2024, marketing activities will be supported by the EU as part of the "Stars Unite Europe" campaign in seven countries: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and Spain.

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