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Welcome to a sea of flowers! How geraniums make balconies and terraces bloom

Now in spring, nursery greenhouses are full of colourful summer flowers. An endless array is waiting to be discovered....[more]

Hibiscus – a brightly-coloured ornamental plant indoors or outdoors

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, China rose, is a popular ornamental plant – and with good reason, for no matter where you place...[more]

Cape marguerite is a hit in the garden

No wonder that Cape marguerite – or Osteospermum in Latin – has become one of summer’s most popular plants in European...[more]

Potted plants outdoors

While many people think of potted plants as something you have on a window-sill, garden expert Claus Dalby talks about...[more]

Spring magic in the air

As the days gradually grow longer and nature slowly wakes up after her winter hibernation, a sense of the coming spring...[more]

Passionate about spring?

Viola and spring is a two-sided matter and the new exciting varieties with hanging growth gives even more decoration...[more]

Air-purifying plants

Tempers can easily get a little frayed when it is cold and dreary outside and the daily indoor routine gets on your...[more]

Green indoor living

Green plants cover a wide range of plants, that can be anything but green. Some has multicoloured, varied or spotted...[more]

Wave goodbye to your summer plants - with a clear conscience

There are plenty of both indoor and outdoor plants which thrive very well with a minimum of care. Many of these plants...[more]

Use plants to create a Mediterranean atmosphere on the terrace

When you are longing for sunshine and warmth, the weeks leading up to your summer holidays can feel like years. But why...[more]

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