Floradania.dk: Simple table decoration for Whitsun

Simple table decoration for Whitsun


Early summer is a wonderful time with many opportunities for pleasant get-togethers in the good weather. Let some lovely summer flowers form the perfect setting for unusual and easy table decorations

Plants for every occasion – and personality
While the decorations should naturally reflect the situation and style, you can allow yourself to be inspired by current trends, your favourite colours, or encounters with other cultures – the possibilities are endless. But whether you're cool or romantic, or you like neon or pastel shades, the lovely plants of summer offer you a wealth of ways to create a festive table in just the way you like.

Here are some suggestions for simple and unusual decorations for Whitsun parties:

The purple table
Classic table setting with a touch of the East ...

The purple table with Asian dishes on a classic Danish white lace tablecloth. Danish tradition meets Asia. A simple and easy decoration in the form of a rosary vine which meanders in an s-shape with dahlia heads, inspiring thoughts of water lilies or the lotus plants of the East.
Suggestions for plants: Ceropegia, Dahlia, Armeria, Phalaenopsis, Bellis, Muehlembeckia

The grey table with contrasting colours – the classic meets the modern
A contrast-filled table with many different materials. Plexiglas is contrasted with the classic damask tablecloth, and ornamented pottery in shades of grey with strong shades of pink and orange. A dramatic, high-contrast encounter for the bold.
Suggestions for plants: Gerbera, Pelargonium, Kalanchoe, Lewisia.

The pink table 
A table decorated in cream, pink and lime colours with a twist of purple. A classic romantic starting-point, but lightly seasoned by the lime shade that peps it all up and prevents it from getting too sweet.
Suggestions for plants: Hydrangea, Kalanchoe, Oxalis, Fragaria (strawberry plants).

Photos from the top:
1. Rhodochiton, Muehlenbeckia, Bellis, Hydrangea
2. Phalaenopsis, Dahlia
3. Dahlia, Phalaenopsis, Armeria, Ceropegia
4. Kalanchoe, Oxalis regnellii, Fragaria, Hydrangea
5. Kalanchoe, Oxalis regnellii
6. Kalanchoe, Oxalis regnellii, Fragaria, Hydrangea
7. Osteospermum, Lavandula, Lindernia
8. Lewisia, Pelargonium, Kalanchoe
9. Kalanchoe, Lewisia, Pelargonium, Gerbera