Floradania.dk: Your living Advent wreath

Your living Advent wreath

Renew your Advent wreath with sweet, funny, beautiful or variegated plants and create your own Christmas atmosphere.

The Advent wreath is one of the loveliest traditions of Christmas and not many would like to miss lighting the joyful expectations with the first candle on the Advent wreath. In terms of tradition, the Advent wreath is sacrosanct; however, the tradition does not necessarily have to be associated with a holly wreath with red ribbons or dusty candle holders. You can create your own Advent wreath using the plants you like and thus allow the current trend and your own style to walk hand in hand with good old traditions.

Creating a Christmas atmosphere from a home-made Advent wreath is rewarding. With living plants, you can create a beautiful Advent wreath that stays fresh throughout December, simply water it and place it in a bright position. The range of plants suited for Advent wreaths is wide. Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima), cyclamens (Cyclamen persicum) and azaleas (Rhododendron simsii) are perfect; however, you can also go your own, untraditional way. Why not create an exclusive Advent wreath with orchids? A light, stylish Advent wreath created from plants with fine foliage in silver-grey shades? Or a modern, intense Advent wreath made from succulents and colourful tea light candles?

You decide how difficult it has to be. The simplest model consists of four plants in four pots or glasses. Arrange the plants in a row or a square, and place candles in them. A very simple but impressive decoration. Try greyish green echeverias in simple plastic pots, sweet cyclamens in terracotta pots or perhaps romantic miniature roses in beautiful glasses.

With a round tray or a cake tin you are well on the way to create an Advent wreath. Plant miniature poinsettias in charming glasses or flowerpots and let the gossamer vines of Maidenhair Vine weave their way between the shining poinsettias. Choose four candles that match the colours of the base and combine them with beautiful twigs that you find outdoors. Result: a light, natural decoration that underlines the Christmas atmosphere beautifully.

Explore the wide range of houseplants and get lots of inspirational ideas for exciting decorations. Ideas which you can use both for your Advent wreath and other Christmas decorations. Not to mention the side benefits: the decorations will remain fresh and beautiful throughout December and reduce the risk of fire considerably compared to dry holly or twig wreaths.