Floradania.dk: Winter's plant trend: Flora Chances

Winter's plant trend: Flora Chances

Chances and new opportunities are essential words in winter's plant trend, Flora Chances, which both covers classic blue and strong orange red. The trend will be the platform for new and exciting plant experiences

Phalaenopsis, Rhipsalis pilocarpa



Ficus microcarpa


Take a chance
It is time to discover new ways of living and consumers have the urge to try new products or to take new commercial chances. In regard to interior and living room plants these new trends are first and foremost reflected on the colourful choices and the way in which all the green accessories are arranged.

Flora Chances

Floradania has asked Bjarne Aarhus, a flower stylist who judged the Danish championship in flower arrangements last month, for some ideas of flower arrangements. In a Flora Dania perspective they could be:

-          Blue and orange red as monochrome colours will play a dominant role in the trend while elements of news will be unexpected and surprising,

says Bjarne Aarhus.

-          In this trend you are allowed to mix things and you can put plants together that have a different expression, combinations top-on-top or in your choice of ground layer or pots.

He continues

-          The orchid has more layers as the flowers float over the leaves. With this in mind I have matched orchids with a succulent, here Rhipsalis and I have planted them both in a pot of cobber. Cobber is a dominant part of the new trend. The decoration is finished with pieces of acrylic glass in the same shape as the oblong leaves. I've placed two plants together on a wooden tray with winter apples as a natural decoration.

New and exciting plant experiences

-          In short, basic new thinking will be an experimental attitude which gives a new way of experiencing plants in new and different ways,

ends Bjarne Aarhus.

Plant suggestions for Flora Chances: