Use plants to create a Mediterranean atmosphere on the terrace

When you are longing for sunshine and warmth, the weeks leading up to your summer holidays can feel like years. But why just enjoy the week or two you are away, when you could extend the experience of your holiday both before and afterwards, with plants on your terrace?

In summer, the terrace is a haven and the setting for our outdoor life. It's the place where we spend as many hours as possible, and with plants to create the right mood, you can transform it into your own little Mediterranean paradise. 

Fill the pots with exciting plants that bloom lavishly and spread plenty of summer atmosphere. Lush, flowering plants are more or less all you need to create a terrace or balcony which will lead your imagination to thoughts of an Mediterranean idyll. A few rough pots filled with colourful flowers like Bougainvillea, Hibiscus or Dipladenia can work wonders, and can almost make the sun shine all by themselves.

Increased focus on outdoor life
In recent years, interest in Mediterranean culture and outdoor life has inspired various approaches to bringing the outdoors into your home, and in this way extending the outdoor season, as the northern European climate is not quite as benevolent towards plants as that of the south.  

There is for example a growing tendency for people to build greenhouses or orangeries which provide optimal opportunities to surround yourself with various exotic plants that need a warmer climate.

Nikolaj Stærmose, sales manager for Juliana, Europe's leading manufacturer of greenhouses and orangeries, confirms the growing interest in enjoying southern European classics right from the early spring:

"There is a clear trend to create your own little oasis at home, and larger, more expensive greenhouses or orangeries in which you can relax are also becoming popular. Actually, we saw a 25% overall rise in the Danish market in 2009."

Create your own oasis
Whether you are banking on a hot Danish summer on the terrace, or are thinking more in the long term, if you find a level of ambition that suits your needs in terms of price and plants, you will be able to get much more out of your terrace.

Once you have created your own little oasis with plants, you will have a good excuse to invite people for a Mojito, which will emphasize the Mediterranean theme.

Plants that bring atmosphere to your terrace:
Angel's Trumpet/Datura (Brugmansia)
Pouch Nemesia
Outdoor palm (
Trachycarpus wagnerianus)

½ lime, cut into small pieces
1 tsp. organic cane sugar
1 small handful fresh mint
4 cl. Havana Club or other Cuban rum
Mineral water
Crushed ice

Put the lime, sugar and mint in a tall glass and crush it with the handle of a spoon until all the juice has been squeezed from the lime.

Pour in the rum, then the crushed ice, and fill to the brim with mineral water.

Add the rest of the ingredients, and serve. If you don't have mint handy, you can replace it with other edible or aromatic plants from the garden, such as