The houseplants need a summer holiday

Many of the flowering houseplants that bring life to the spring indoors need a holiday when the risk of frost is over. Place them outdoors but protect them against rain and rough weather.

The spring is filled with sweet, beautiful houseplants whose colourful flowers help us say goodbye to the dark winter months.

Both Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and Gerbera-hybrid have large, exotic, strong colours that create a warm atmosphere of holiday indoors no matter what type of weather is forecast. The same could be said about Begonia elatior-hybrid that is also available in warm yellow, orange and red shades.

Nerium oleander, Dipladenia sanderi and Passiflora caerulea are lovely houseplants in romantic rose and bluish mauve colours that not only bring life to the spring indoors but also create an atmosphere of Mediterranean life on the patio throughout the summer.

When spring turns into summer, much of our time is spent outdoors. Time for cosy afternoons and long, warm evenings on the patio. Bring your houseplants with you and let them form the flowering backdrop to the outdoor life of your family throughout the summer.

The growth conditions on a covered patio or in a cosy sun lounge are perfect for plants that are longing for a holiday. Indoors, the light limits growth. If you place the plants outdoors, they will get all the light they need. At the same time, they will feel the rhythm of the day because of the different night and day temperatures. The plants will love that for they know this rhythm from their natural habitats better than the constant indoor temperature.

These houseplants originate from warmer climates so wait until the risk of frost is completely over before sending them on holiday. For this reason, you should also place them in a bright, warm position, sheltered from rain and wind that do not contribute to a great holiday.

It is a good idea to plant your plants in beautiful containers, either separately or arranged in beautiful flower symphonies in balanced shades. Make a well-draining layer of pebbles or pieces of broken pots on the bottom of the container and remember to feed and water the plants during the summer. Because the plants will love the ample space in the container and the perfect climate on the patio, they will grow vigorously producing a wealth of flowers all summer.