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Seasonal joy with poinsettias

It's often the little things that make all the difference. In the right places, tasteful decorations can turn a room into something special. The most attractive way to do this is by using seasonal plants. At Christmas, these should of course be poinsettias!

The fresh colours of poinsettias bring new life, variety and atmosphere to your home. They create a feeling of warmth and cosiness, and give our senses a positive boost.

An easy pot with poinsettias
Attractive accessories and the right pot holder make poinsettias the perfect decoration. Place some poinsettias in a pot, decorate with pine cones and a few twigs in between, and you will have the most beautiful Christmas decoration.

One plant - many faces
Today, poinsettias come in various colours, shapes and sizes, and new varieties are constantly being developed.

While the bracts of wild poinsettias are always red, as a houseplant, poinsettia is available in a variety of colours from red to apricot, burgundy, off-white, orange, pink, shades of cinnamon and bright lemon yellow. There are also many two-toned varieties in exciting colour patterns, or with a mottled effect, such as "Ruby Frost".

Give someone else some seasonal joy
In our relations with other people it is often the little things that count, such as Poinsettia Day, which is about making other people happy. Poinsettia Day is celebrated on 12 December in 16 European countries and the USA.

So give a poinsettia to someone who deserves it, and spread a little seasonal joy.

Facts about poinsettias:
The plant's botanical name is Euphorbia pulcherrima, which means "the most beautiful of all Euphorbias". Around 8.7 million poinsettias were produced in Denmark in 2009, of which 75-80% were exported.

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