Floradania.dk: Primula - a wonderful passion

Primula - a wonderful passion

Growing Primula on the windowsill and in the garden has been a passion ever since the Victorian Age.

Many household remedies describe the excellent qualities of Primula vulgaris as a cosmetic and a drug. However, in January it is best to drive away gloomy thoughts and dry fir needles with lots of cream-coloured and yellow Primula vulgaris plants and break into a fresh spring.

Having tried it once, you will understand why so many people fall in love with the beautiful flowers of the Primula genus which are not just a thing of the spring. For in addition to the well-known large-flowered Primula vulgaris and Primula malacoides, which are sold in large quantities towards the end of the winter and in the spring, Primula obconica is available all year.

Not just houseplants
Large-flowered Primula vulgaris and Primula obconica can also be used out in the open. Primula vulgaris is hardy and can be planted out in the garden when it has served its purpose in the living-room while Primula obconica can be used as an outdoor plant in the summer. Primula malacoides is to be regarded as a standing bouquet.


Primula plants should be placed in a bright position, protected from direct sunlight. If placed in a cool spot, they will last longer. However, you should balance your delight in having the Primula near you where you can sense the fragrance against your delight in having a plant in flower for a long time.

Primula plants must be kept moderately moist and watered from below. The flower-buds will suffer if the plants dry out or are overwatered. They like a little drop of fertiliser in the water from time to time.