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Plants and Neo Feng Shui

Neo Feng Shui gives you insight into the way our physical surroundings constantly affect our lives. By choosing your surroundings consciously, you also help improve your well-being and achieve greater success in everyday life.

Plants - a mirror of the energy of a room
Plants form part of our homes as a living piece of nature and are known, among other things, for their relaxing effect and air-cleaning properties. According to colour consultant Karin Bonde Storm of the Funen Neo Feng Shui base it company, plants also emit energy to the rooms of the house at the same time as they reflect the energy present in the rooms,

-          I always recommend flowers for interior designs because plants are alive and ideal for creating a good atmosphere, and because they usually actively help create a harmonious balance in the room.

Karin Bonde Storm continues,

-          However, you should also be aware that in addition to providing energy to a room, plants are also a barometer of the energy present in the room. When deciding to use plants in your interior design, you also choose to send a specific signal. A signal showing your level of attention (for plants require care and replacing), that you value and add something to a living environment, and that you are aware of the well-being of your employees/colleagues/family.

Plants invite peace of mind and presence
Karin Bonde Storm supports the opinion that plants have stress preventing properties,

-          Stress is the result of lack of focus and presence,

she says and continues,

-          caring and paying attention to your plants is an opportunity to take a short break from your busy day. Spending a couple of minutes every day focusing completely on your plants is a quiet introvert moment of peace of mind, presence and care where you can feel and experience your plants.

This way, your plants offer you daily meditation counteracting stress and the pressure of work because even a couple of minutes of daily presence and peace of mind will mean a lot to your overall well-being. However, according to the colour consultant and Neo Feng Shui expert, a disharmonious room and energy balance may have the opposite effect:

-          A plant which does not thrive due to lack of care removes energy from the room; therefore get rid of old and half-withered plants and consider which plants will be able to live and thrive in the various rooms,

Karin Bonde Storm concludes.

Consider the following aspects when decorating your home with plants and Neo Feng Shui:

Plants retain and reinforce the energy in the room.
Plants become a mirror of the energy present in a room, for better or for worse.
Plants are one of the best ways to ensure that you are rooted in your surroundings. This can counteract stress and imply happiness, growth and strength.
Remember that even if a plant emits positive energy in a room, it does not mean that ten plants increase the positive effect tenfold; there must be a mutual balance between energy, room and plants.
Use plants that suit your rooms in terms of size and needs as well as plants that you are able to care for. Half-withered plants are good for nobody, on the contrary.
Avoid sharp-pointed and stinging plants indoor, use them outdoors.

Ideas for Neo Feng Shui Plants:
Begonia rex