Floradania.dk: Orchids are easy houseplants

Orchids are easy houseplants

Many orchids are easy to care for houseplants. The easiest is Phalaenopsis.

A Phalaenopsis orchid…
…has large leaves sitting closely together at the ground while the flowers sit high up on strong, curved stalks. Each flower lives for 1-2 months and with a little luck the plant will flower 2-3 times a year. When a stalk has faded, you can either cut it off at its base to make a completely new stalk shoot, or you can leave the stalk as it is. Usually, it will then produce new flowers.

Buying tips
When you buy an orchid, make sure that the leaves and stalks are turgid. Choose an orchid with few opened flowers and many buds. In the winter, the plants should be wrapped up well before you leave the shop.

Care tips
The growing of orchids is surrounded by many myths. And for no reason. Thanks to deve-lopment, many of the plants are well suited as houseplants and require no special care. This is true of Phalaenopsis as well as certain Dendrobium and Oncidium plants, among others. Orchids should be cared for in much the same way as many other pot plants:

- Water often when they are growing and keep them on the dry side when they are dormant.· Feed using orchid fertiliser or one-fifth strength standard fertiliser approx. once a week when they are growing.
- Place it in a bright position in the winter and out of direct sunlight in the summer to prevent scorching of the leaves.

And did you know…
- that experience from nurseries show that standard orchids tolerate warm water from the tap unless the water is very calcareous. In which case rainwater should be used,
- that the formation of flowers on many orchids can be promoted by exploiting the differences in day and night temperatures for a period of time; you can, for example, place them outdoors in the summer.