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Make your own Santa scenery with miniature plants

December is the ultimate month of the year for creating a cosy atmosphere, with Christmas cut-outs, baking and decorating the entire house. The Santa scenery is a fun way to decorate for Christmas and a lovely tradition which most of us remember from our childhood. But why not try something new this year with living plants?

Plants are pieces of nature that give fresh new life to rooms adding a true Christmas atmosphere when the blizzard is raging outside. And miniature plants are ideal for a Santa scenery: they are easy to handle for children and the many small, sweet Christmas plants give free rein to the imagination as they are placed in Santa′s universe.

But a Santa scenery is not for the youngest only so spend a day with your family having a good time creating your own Santa scenery.

How to do it
Let the children help you decide whether the scenery is to be completely white, with white flowers and greenery only, or whether the red colour of Santa′s clothes and hat are to be accentuated using red flowers or berries. When you have decided what to do, simply get cracking.

The Santa scenery can be placed on a table, a shelf or on a window-sill, and if you start by placing it on a tray or another type of a high-edged base, it is also possible to move Santa′s helpers about in their miniature world as you like. Cover the base with cotton wool and don't forget to make toboggan runs for Santa′s helpers as well as small elevations for the plants!

Fun experiences with plants
When children navigate in a fantasy universe, their senses are automatically activated, and the miniature plants are ideal for exploring and experiencing things. They are beautiful to look at, the surfaces of the leaves and flowers vary from a velvety to a granulated feel and some plants even smell sweet. Last but not least, the shapes of the flowers and leaves also appeal to children′s fantasy.

White miniature Campanulas or Cyclamens whose airy flowers resemble snowflakes add the right winter look to the scenery. When locating the plants in various places in Santa′s scenery, it is important to place them in cache-pots, for example tea light holders, or to open up tin foil round the plant pots so that they can be watered and last until the Christmas holiday.

In a cabin in a wood …
Place the plants, miniature poinsettias, small Lawson′s cypresses or the like, so that they form a small wood where Santa′s helpers and small animals can hide; of course, they can also be placed apart. Make a small lake in the scenery using a mirror, and place the plants beside it to be able to look up under the leaves; this gives a truly fun effect. A plant can also be used as a Christmas tree, placing gifts in the form of small matchboxes wrapped in Christmas paper or pieces of toffees in colourful paper beneath it.

A Santa scenery offers lots of play opportunities and, if required by the play, children can easily move the plants, Santa and his helpers about without damaging the scenery. Moreover, they will learn that plants are an important part of the whole picture for if the plants are hanging down, the entire Santa scenery looks dreary, too.

For further information, please contact:
Floradania Marketing, tel. +45 6592 6266, email marketing@floradania.dk.

Floradania Marketing is the Danish plant industry′s joint marketing company which is owned by Danish nurserymen and sales companies.

Suggestions for plants with white flowers or leaves:
White poinsettia
Rhododendron simsii (Indian azalea)

Suggestions for plants with red flowers or berries:
Ilex aquifolium (Holly)
Red poinsettia

Caption: Santa sceneries are fun for young and old alike. Laura in the photo has used white Poinsettias, Hollies, Campanulas and Chamaecyparis plants.

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