Floradania.dk: Lovely roses indoors and outdoors

Lovely roses indoors and outdoors

The rose has been admired and loved for thousands of years. The most recent pot roses give you all the good qualities of a rose – and a bit more. Beauty and scent combined with a luxuriant profusion of flowers and impressive lasting qualities.

When you buy a pot rose, a wealth of options is included. The pot rose is a lovely houseplant which is equally well suited for summer containers and window boxes. You can also plant pot roses in your garden. If you plant them in the period from May to September, they will establish good roots, which will make them strong enough to survive the winter so that they can become a source of great pleasure to you year after year.

A wide range of pot roses is available. They cover almost the entire range of colours; there are large, full flowers resembling old-fashioned roses as well as small-flowered varieties with a myriad of buds. The most recent roses have large, beautiful flowers that resemble garden roses and their lasting qualities are excellent. If you plant your roses outdoors, the flowers will not only replace each other throughout the summer, they will also be a source of pleasure to you throughout the autumn.

Pot roses are easy to care for, however, they require plenty of sunlight. The vigorous growth means that the plants use plenty of water. Therefore, they should be watered every day. If you are away for a couple of days, it is a good idea to fill the saucer with 2-3 cm water to prevent the plant from drying out. Cut off faded flower heads in order to get maximum pleasure from your plants. Prune your overwintered roses in late April.

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