It’s wild!

Release the vines and see what happens when the climbers of the living-room have a ball.

Traditionally, house plants "behave properly". Tamed nature within a fixed set of frames. We usually see climbers such as ivy, passion flower and clematis on hoops in stylish, symmetrically shapes. This looks beautiful and disciplined on hoops and we can easily continue twisting the new vines round the hoop and thus retain the shape.

Think new!
But you can also do something quite differently. Try releasing the vines to get a completely new experience discovering how the plants are really like and what they can do. Carefully untwine the plant from the hoop. When the hoop has gone, you and your plant can do as you like. You can, for example, give it a new frame for its long vines. Try home-made wickerwork or a stylish branch from the wood, decorated with moss, etc. to create an impression of true nature in the living-room.

You may also let the vines run down the bookshelves from a pot plant placed high up. Hanging vines can also function as an exciting, different room divider. Or place hanging baskets at the top of the window with vines hanging down, creating a slightly shimmering light effect when the sun beams are filtered by the green “curtains”.

Climbers for the current trend
Climbers really allow you to decorate your home in a new way. Thanks to the twining vines, you can create a natural atmosphere from floor to ceiling. There are plenty of climbers whose expression and colours suit the current trend perfectly, with dominant natural colours spiced with stylish lilac and violet contrasts.

Passion flower (Passiflora caerulea) is a luxuriant climber with several metre long vines filled with dark green leaves and spectacular, exotic flowers in violet and lilac colours. A good choice for a sunny location. In case of strong sunlight, paper flower (Bougainvillea glabra) is recommendable. It produces a wealth of tiny flowers, surrounded by eye-catching white, lilac or pink bracts. Clematis (Clematis florida) also loves a sunny position as long as it is watered liberally. The vines grow fast and can become very long. The plant has beautiful violet or two-coloured flowers in creamy and lilac tones.

There is a wide range of green climbers to choose from for a position somewhat retracted from the sunlight. Common ivy (Hedera helix) is a popular, classic plant available in a wealth of varieties with green and yellow or white variegated leaves. Ivy of Uruguay (Cissus striata) is another natural, green climber which is perfect for creating a natural indoor atmosphere, and luxurious Kangaroo vine (Cissus Antarctica) with its large, shiny green leaves is perfect for creating a green indoor environment in no time.