Floradania.dk: Flowering cacti make a comeback

Flowering cacti make a comeback

Christmas cactus, Schlumbergera, was previously considered a somewhat antiquated grandmother's plant. That's history

This cactus has made a thunderous comeback, primarily owing to the fact that the flowers are available in a colourful range of shades, from the most delicate white and salmon to the strongest colours such as yellow, orange, red, choking pink and lilac. Schlumbergera is also hardy and, as other cactuses, requires only a minimum of care. A fact that consumers appreciate.

There are three major Schlumbergera producers in Denmark. The women there, who are far from elderly granny types but young career women with confident taste and style, each have a favourite for which they see a multitude of possibilities. Line Rohde, director of sales and marketing at Rohde's, cannot resist the multicoloured Schlumbergera cacti:

"The one I like best is Samba Brazil. It always has nice large buds that are uniform in size, so it blooms in a profusion of flowers, all at once. The flowers are large and very exciting. At the edges they are deep red, shading into yellow and golden, and finishing in a white centre."

At the nursery PKM, Annett Madsen, the wife of the owner and his right-hand woman in the work, has lost her heart to FAIRYTALE FLAME®.

"We call our Schlumbergera series autumn cactus, as the season starts in September, and why should you wait for such a lovely plant experience? The FAIRYTALE FLAME® cacti are compact and strong, with many buds in beautiful colours, and they are easy to keep in a modern home. I think they are all beautiful, but if I had to pick out one, it would be the simple white type, which makes a fantastic table decoration."

At the Thoruplund family-owned nursery, the family's daughter and sales manager, Bodil Johansen, definitely prefers the bushier types with small leaves:

"Here at the nursery, we have decided to specialise in the New Generation Thor varieties. Thor-Freya is my personal favourite. It is a very compact plant with lots of buds and beautiful light salmon  flowers. It provides colour and atmosphere at this dark time of year, and goes well with my home."

You don't need green fingers to make Christmas cactuses thrive. With simple means the plant can give you even greater pleasure. Buy several plants in the same or matching colours and arrange them on a flat tray. The well-shaped buds will gradually unfold to appear as a fantastic, stylish colour surface that will lighten up your home - on the table, on the window-sill, on the floor or in front of a glass section. Schlumbergera is available in many different plant sizes. The smallest are produced in 6 cm pots, the largest in 30 cm pots.

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