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Bring the latest fashion into your home

Sweet Sin is a plant trend which on the surface is feminine, pretty and romantic, while the underlying theme produces a constantly sinful and surprising twist

Sweet and sinful. Raw and Romantic
In general, the most important thing in Sweet Sin is to combine sweet elements with sinful ones. In interior, the soft and gentle shapes are twisted with raw and darker details. This could be a suprising element in the decoration or an unexpected combination of materials.

Sweet Sin surprises with a lovely, make-up inspired colour scale with rebel undertones. In terms of plants it is ideal for the woman who would like to renew a romantic and feminine decor by adding raw and edgy details.

The white colour and the powdered makeup shades of the delicate flowers can be made raw in the styling by adding punk inspired elements such as studs and chains. Spiky natural materials, or the leaves from prickly green plants, can also be used in the styling, or the effect can be created by using a base with a prickly design.

Conversely, the prickly green plants can be made more romantic by using organic bases with softer lines and light materials.

The expression with raw and edgy details can be seen, not just in home interiors, but also in fashion, in both clothing and accessories.

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