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Advent wreath with miniature plants

Advent calls for cosy hours with lots of creativity with the traditional Christmas decorations. Decorate your advent...[more]

Christmas decorations - made your way

December is both a cosy as well as a busy month. Use Christmas flowers as a common denominator for all the activities,...[more]

A cosy December with plants

It's not at all too early to start decorating for Christmas. Take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere of the season...[more]

Hibiscus – a brightly-coloured ornamental plant indoors or outdoors

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, China rose, is a popular ornamental plant – and with good reason, for no matter where you place...[more]

Plants in cooking

Interest in edible plants is greater than ever, and several growers are working diligently to offer consumers new and...[more]

Easy holiday plants are a neighbourly help

It’s a good turn, and community-minded, for neighbours to help each other out. But is also a delicate balance not to...[more]

Grow your own pizza

Create the ultimate summer fun on the patio with home-made pizza made with home-grown vegetables. It just...[more]

A mother's plant universe

Potted plants are popular presents for Mother's Day because they match both the mother's preferences and the weather of...[more]

Spring paintbox with large-flowered roses

Turn up the colours and brighten the mood with a great rose mixture [more]

Green inspiration in late summer

At Handelspladsen in August, fresh late-summer plant novelties and concepts ensure that we go into autumn with the...[more]

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