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Yellow is the new pink

Yellow will retain its popularity in the home in the coming years. But yellow is not just yellow - it can be sunflower yellow, mustard yellow, curry yellow, lemon yellow, colza yellow or pastel yellow, and it is characteristic that the colour is often combined with references to the plant world.

And this is no coincidence, says Anja Falk Gaede, trend editor at the Scandinavian trend institute, PEJ gruppen:

"The many shades of yellow are particularly well expressed in plant colours, so there is a special link between yellow and the plant world."

Yellow - a bold contrast in the home
Yellow is a so-called signal colour, and according to Anja Falk Gaede, it is well suited as a bold and refreshing feature in the home.

"Yellow is excellent as a contrasting colour, or in combination with many of the leather materials with which we surround ourselves in our homes."

Right now, there are a wealth of beautiful plants with yellow flowers on the market, which can enliven and pep up your home and give the interior just the right touch.

Yellow means energy and joy

"Yellow goes really well with the coming season, namely spring, because the colour symbolizes the sun, warmth and energy, " says Anja Falk Gaede. "What's more, spring has plenty of special occasions, of which Easter, in particular, is the epitome of yellow."

She goes on to explain more about the declining popularity of pink in relation to yellow, which consumers can expect to see more of in future:

"Without seeking to belittle the colour pink or its importance in fashion and interior design, we really need something new to look at. So when we trend researchers declare yellow to be the new pink, it does not of course mean that we are overturning the entire colour spectrum, but that we are alluding to the previous use and popularity of pink. In those aspects of the interior where pink has previously been used, the focus is now shifting to yellow."

Looking slightly further ahead than the spring of 2010, which is just around the corner, the trend researcher still has a good gut feeling about the colour yellow, and predicts that it will be around for at least a year to come.

Ideas for yellow plants that can create renewal and impact in your home:
Primula veris

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