Floradania.dk: Give your patio a face-lift

Give your patio a face-lift

It is now time to decorate your patio to make it the perfect backdrop to summer outdoor life. Instead of doing what you use to do, try something new. Let the colours seduce, creating exactly the summer atmosphere you dream of this year.

Flowers and plants provide you with the colours. No matter which style you prefer, there are numerous possibilities of accentuating it using living decor for the patio.

Do you love a bright, light and romantic atmosphere? Or would you like to pep up your patio universe with a touch of cool colours? In the wide range of summer flowers, search for some that matches your ideas. You will find out that there are plenty of possibilities of creating exciting, stylish effects with both old acquaintances in new colours and completely new plant species.

Creating a successful arrangement requires discipline above all. Choose a style and colour preference – and stick to it in order not to send the "wrong signals".Let the colours and shapes talk, but let them talk to each other. If you are so lucky to have several patios, create separate colour ranges for each.
Arrange different plants in a container or plant each individual species in separate containers and place them closely together to create a beautiful arrangement. This solution is flexible and allows you to change the picture throughout summer.

You can create a bright, romantic summer atmosphere with light tone in tone combinations dominated by white or powder-coloured shades. The effect is accentuated by letting the same colour preference be the red thread running through the entire arrangement. Choose flowers in white and powder-coloured shades and accentuate your choice using foliage plants with stylish, silver foliage.

If you prefer minimalism with colours, look for plants with eye-catching sculptural habits and flowers in strong, attractive colours. Orange, pink and lemon are the vitamins needed to add the final touch to a grey, minimalist universe dominated by the pure lines and tight shapes of the slabs. In order to obtain the most beautiful effect, do not run amok in colours but stick to one or two as the red thread running through all flower and container arrangements, and perhaps also the garden chair cushions.

White romance
Argyranthemum frutescens
Hydrangea macrophylla

Attractive in lime
Euryops chrysanthemoides

Pink hit
Cleome ’Senorita Rosalita’™
Oxalis triangularis