Floradania.dk: Virtual Handelsplads

Welcome to this Winter’s Virtual Trading Centre

On behalf of the industry, Floradania Marketing is delighted to welcome you to the first-ever Virtual Trading Centre, providing you with the opportunity to view the Christmas and winter range!

You can access the Virtual Trading Centre from mobile devices and computers.

What are we showcasing?
The exhibition showcases seasonal pot plants and concepts that will be available in nurseries in the coming months.

How do I find my way around?

Way-points: You can view the Trading Centre by moving ‘browsing’ around - just click on the white Way-points (circles) on the floor and you will move around the hall.

Blue spots: By clicking the blue navigation points, a window will pop up with a section of the plants on the stand and an associated link to a photo of the plant. Some stands do not have photo references. (Note: The image opens in a new browser window. Close that window when returning to the virtual showcase.)

Red spots: The red navigation points contain contact information for the individual nurseries, so you can contact them for more information about the plants.

Floor plan: If you do not want to browse around, you can also select the icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen titled ‘View Floor Plan’. This will provide you with an overview of all the exhibitors. Click on the name of the exhibitor. This will immediately take you to the exhibition at the stand of the exhibitor in question!

How do I find additional information about the plants?
The red navigation points contain contact information for the individual nurseries. You can then contact them for further information about the plants.

What language will the Virtual Trading Centre be in?
Initially the Virtual Trading Centre will only be available in English.

What do I need to do if I want to buy plants?
If you want to buy plants, you can simply contact the sales company from which you already buy your plants. If you do not already have a supplier, you can contact the gardener who will refer you to the relevant supplier.

Any more questions?
Feel free to contact Floradania Marketing at marketing@floradania.dk.