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Pixie - First MINI GRAPES for a patio or balcony

If you are looking for something special for the patio this spring, then consider Pixie grapes, which grow to a height of 60-100 cm. The grape clusters are approx. 10 cm in length. 

Pixie is a mini version of the naturally occurring variety Vitas vinifera (‘Pinot Meunier’) – the variety used to produce wine and champagne.

Unlike full-size vines, which can take up to three years to produce grapes, Pixie produces grapes in its first year of growth.

Pixie needs direct sun and moderately moist soil. Although Pixie is a dwarf wine, it needs a small trellis for support. Fertilise the plant three times a season with a low nitrogen product, and stop in mid-summer to slow the growth of the vine, thereby allowing the grapes to mature.

To overwinter a Pixie vine, remove the shoots that grew in the summer, leaving two branches for next year’s growth. Then, move the plant to a cool, sheltered place until next spring. 

Season: Spring
Available: Spring 2022

Gartneriet Ellelund