Floradania.dk: LUNDAGER Mini Display Full Colour Printet Design

LUNDAGER Mini Display Full Colour Printet Design


LUNDAGER Mini displays (L.M.D.) offers the oppertunity to place a custom selection of green and flowering plants to any kind of shop. The displays are produced with both 2 and 3 layers. On one layer 20 plants can be placed. Because the displays are stackable it is easy to choose the assortment and make combinations who match the desires of any customers.

The size of the displays match the measurements of European transport to achieve a maximum loading per truck and minimize costs of transport. We are proud to be the only one who can offer L.M.D. FULL COLOUR printed and 100% BIOLOGICAL material and ink. The design can be custom made to anyones wishes with a minimum bunch of 250 displays per production run. The production time of L.M.D. is only 3 weeks and we are happy to assist you with the right choice of assortment to place on this one of a kind concept.

Season: all year

Grower: Lundager