Floradania.dk: Hydrangea Runaway Bride

Hydrangea Runaway Bride

Love at first sight

Runaway Bride is a new, absolutely enchanting variety of Hydrangea with beautiful, snow-white flowers. With its natural grace and abundance of flowers,  Runaway Bride adds something completely new to pots and beds. You are guaranteed to fall in love with this adorable eye-catcher. 

What makes this Hydrangea so special is the fact that it blooms not only at the end of each branch, but also from the lateral buds along the length of each stem. This produces an opulence of flowers throughout the season. The snow-white flowers glow beautifully, wherever the plant is placed. During cool periods, the flowers may have a slight pink hue – like the delicate blush on a bride’s cheek. 

Runaway Bride has a slightly creeping growth with long branches spreading out like flower-studded garlands. The beautiful undulating growth evokes a bride’s veil and train, swirling after her in her magnificent white gown.   

It can be used in so many different ways – maybe alone, as an eye-catcher in a beautiful pot on the patio, or as part of a larger group, for example with  sculptural foliage plants. Imagine it as a beautiful low hedge to border a bed facing a garden path, or give it pride of place in the centre of a white flower bed. The long branches make are perfect for cutting for use in bouquets and decorations. 

Runaway Bride thrives best in a slightly shaded location, but can also cope with direct sunshine. If you keep the plant slightly moist and fertilise it regularly during the growing period, this bride will retain her beauty throughout the summer and for many years to come. In autumn, the leaves turn into a stunning firework display of yellow, orange and red.  

Fact box

  • Runaway Bride is winter-hardy. 
  • The plant grows to a height of 50-60cm.
  • Water and fertilise regularly during the growing period.
  • Season: April-June
  • Available: April 2021
  • Producer: Gartneriet Møllerhøj