Floradania.dk: Campanula Blue Star

Campanula Blue Star

To coincide with the launch of some brand-new packaging designs for all their Butterfly Garden® concepts, Tvillingegaarden has chosen to move three selected products to a 12 cm pot. These 3 products will be marketed under their new brand, Bloom Interior®. There are 3 beauties, one of which is Blue Star. 

Blue Star is a brand-new, highly-durable product developed in Butterfly Garden’s® own plant-breeding department.  
Blue Star is double flowering with extra-large blue flowers, which remain blue even as they fade away.   

Tvillingegaarden wanst their strong focus on sustainability to be evident all the way to the consumer. That’s why all the plants will come with an attractive cardboard tag on a wooden stick. They are also supplied packed in a newly designed paper wrapper or paper bag, launching 1 May 2021. 

Tvillingegaarden looks forward to presenting these 3 products, all offered from week 12 to week 22. 

Season: March - May 
Available: Week 12-26 
Producer: Gartneri Tvillingegaarden