19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid Loves Me® Purely™

Garden look cut rose Rosa Loves Me® Purely™ is a pure white "spray" rose, which impressively offers a whole...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid 'I am Different®

Concept:Pot rose range The roses in the new "I am Different®" range have been chosen for the unique and...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid Val de Sole™ Roses Forever®

Pot rose Val de Sole™ Roses Forever® has a well-formed, full flower with an unusually beautiful combination of colours...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid Sandbanks Sunset™ Roses Forver®

Pot rose Sandbanks Sunset™ Roses Forever® is a pot rose with large flowers and a light rose scent. The colour is...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid Malaga™ Roses Forever®

Pot rose Malaga™ Roses Forever® is a sturdy and very large-flowered pot rose, which also has many buds.With its bright,...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid Madrid ™ Roses Forever®

Pot rose Madrid ™ Roses Forever® stand tall with their burgundy flowers over extraordinarily glossy, shiny, dark...[more]

19.01.2017 Lavendula angustifolia

Lavandula angustifolia 'Endless Joy' blue has the following qualities: Extra deep blue flowerBranchy, compact...[more]

19.01.2017 Schlumbergera Hybrid

Concept:Plants in a new way.Schlumbergera is grown in an interactive medium, which is suitable for gift display. Comes...[more]

19.01.2017 Schlumbergera Hybrid

Yellow cactus for Easter.A yellow cactus for Easter has been lacking for many years. This spring 2017, Thoruplund will...[more]

19.01.2017 Campanula Hybrid Blue Like Me®

Campanula Blue Like Me® is full and compact with many buds which transform into large double flowers. PKM’s development...[more]

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