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15.01.2018 Peperomia: Brasilia

Glossy, dark, semi-black, leaves with an attractive red back.

Season: All year 

Ready for sale: April...[more]

15.01.2018 Calatheaserie

This is a range of 6–8 Calathea, with the new initiative of producing them all in 12 cm pots and selling them in...[more]

15.01.2018 Ocean of Roses

Thoruplund has now started with the production and sale of our brand new “Ocean of Roses” series in 10,5 cm pots.


15.01.2018 My Little Christmastree

The charming little potted Christmas tree lets you create your own Christmas spirit – even in the tiniest of spaces…...[more]

15.01.2018 Twilight Dream

Twilight Dream is a particularly beautiful new Hortensia variety (Hydrangea Machrophylla). Its colour combination...[more]

15.01.2018 The1rose™

The1rose™ is a single-stemmed rose with its own roots in its own pot. It has an extra-long shelf life of 4–6 weeks. The...[more]

15.01.2018 The Drop Miniature

BotanIQ Lab is the only supplier of 3.5 cm Succulents in Europe. The Drop can either hang or stand and comes in...[more]

15.01.2018 Black & White Miniature with Succulent Mix

BotanIQ Lab is the only supplier of 3.5 cm Succulents in Europe. The product is classic and “cute” at the same...[more]

18.01.2017 Anthurium Black Love®

Anthurium is a plant which, due to its large foliage and flowers, is not normally suitable as a mini plant. However,...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid QiRose bouquet

Concept:The QiRose Bouquet range consists of long-lasting potted roses that branch out into flowers, so each stem...[more]

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