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06.02.2018 Onion's Classic

Onion’s Classic is a range of decorative budding onions, originating as organic edible onions from Jutland. Onion’s...[more]

15.01.2018 LUNDAGER Mini Display Full Colour Printet Design

LUNDAGER Mini displays (L.M.D.) offers the oppertunity to place a custom selection of green and flowering plants to any...[more]

15.01.2018 All Nature

All Nature is a complete concept that gives the end-user the opportunity to buy spring plants in compostable pots...[more]

15.01.2018 Malfa™ Roses Forever®

Malfa™ Roses Forever® is a robust pot rose with beautiful two-tone flowers and large dark glossy leaves.

It has a...[more]

24.01.2018 Rosa hybrid Tender™ Rosa Loves Me®

Unique, long-lasting cut roses from the series Rosa Loves Me®, characterised by nostalgic shapes and colours combined...[more]

15.01.2018 Peek a boo™ I am Different®

The Peek-a-Boo™ I am Different® is a unique new rose in the I am Different® range. This is a different yellow rose,...[more]

15.01.2018 Nanjing™ Roses Forever®

Nanjing™ Roses Forever® is a new fragrant yellow rose with glossy, shiny leaves. The petals are encircled by a delicate...[more]

15.01.2018 King of Infinity®

Magnificent, in just the right shade of red. Since introducing the first white original Infinity in 2012, Infinity...[more]

15.01.2018 Peperomia: Naranja

Special orange, almost coppery leaves.

Season: All year

Ready for sale: April 2018 

Grower: Tingdal [more]

15.01.2018 Peperomia: Mendoza

The leaves are grey with a red back.

Season: All year

Ready for sale: April 2018

Grower: Tingdal [more]

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