15.01.2018 Twilight Dream

Twilight Dream is a particularly beautiful new Hortensia variety (Hydrangea Machrophylla). Its colour combination...[more]

15.01.2018 The1rose™

The1rose™ is a single-stemmed rose with its own roots in its own pot. It has an extra-long shelf life of 4–6 weeks. The...[more]

15.01.2018 The Drop Miniature

BotanIQ Lab is the only supplier of 3.5 cm Succulents in Europe. The Drop can either hang or stand and comes in...[more]

15.01.2018 Black & White Miniature with Succulent Mix

BotanIQ Lab is the only supplier of 3.5 cm Succulents in Europe. The product is classic and “cute” at the same...[more]

18.01.2017 Anthurium Black Love®

Anthurium is a plant which, due to its large foliage and flowers, is not normally suitable as a mini plant. However,...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid QiRose bouquet

Concept:The QiRose Bouquet range consists of long-lasting potted roses that branch out into flowers, so each stem...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid Marilyn QiRose

Marilyn QiRose is the first Bouquet rose in Brolykke's new range of QiRose Bouquet roses. Marilyn is white with 4–5...[more]

19.01.2017 Plant ’n’ cut™ ’Roses for You’

Concept:Grow your own cut roses.Plant 'n' cut is a brand new concept where customers can grow their own cut roses.The...[more]

19.01.2017 Rosa hybrid Rosa Loves Me® Over the Moon™,

Garden look cut rose The large-flowered 'spray' rose, Rosa Loves Me® Over the Moon™, will be entering the market in...[more]

19.01.2017 Exacum hybrid

Exacum hybrid Sapphire is an out-of-the-ordinary new plant, as a seed-propagated Exacum hybrid has never been...[more]

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