24.01.2018 Rosa hybrid Tender™ Rosa Loves Me®

Unique, long-lasting cut roses from the series Rosa Loves Me®, characterised by nostalgic shapes and colours combined...[more]

15.01.2018 Peek a boo™ I am Different®

The Peek-a-Boo™ I am Different® is a unique new rose in the I am Different® range. This is a different yellow rose,...[more]

15.01.2018 Nanjing™ Roses Forever®

Nanjing™ Roses Forever® is a new fragrant yellow rose with glossy, shiny leaves. The petals are encircled by a delicate...[more]

15.01.2018 King of Infinity®

Magnificent, in just the right shade of red. Since introducing the first white original Infinity in 2012, Infinity...[more]

15.01.2018 Peperomia: Naranja

Special orange, almost coppery leaves.

Season: All year

Ready for sale: April 2018 

Grower: Tingdal [more]

15.01.2018 Peperomia: Mendoza

The leaves are grey with a red back.

Season: All year

Ready for sale: April 2018

Grower: Tingdal [more]

15.01.2018 Peperomia: Brasilia

Glossy, dark, semi-black, leaves with an attractive red back.

Season: All year 

Ready for sale: April...[more]

15.01.2018 Calatheaserie

This is a range of 6–8 Calathea, with the new initiative of producing them all in 12 cm pots and selling them in...[more]

15.01.2018 Ocean of Roses

Thoruplund has now started with the production and sale of our brand new “Ocean of Roses” series in 10,5 cm pots.


15.01.2018 My Little Christmastree

The charming little potted Christmas tree lets you create your own Christmas spirit – even in the tiniest of spaces…...[more]

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