Sweet Winner™ Sweet Home Roses®

Create a lovely early summer mood on the terrace with these early-driven garden roses, which are particularly suitable...[more]

Sweet Perfume™ Sweet Home Roses®

[Translate to Engelsk:] Skab tidelig sommer stemning på terrassen allerede i marts med ‘Sweet Home Roses’, der helt...[more]

Royal Diva™ Plant'n'relax®

The fragrances of large flower garden rose. Healthy rose with large shiny leaves. Fragrance is very much in demand for...[more]

Royal Infinity®

Sharp orange Infinity rose. Truly a rose pot that attracts the eye. Extra-long shelf life, large, full, well-shaped...[more]

Queen of Infinity® Syn. JiaInfinity®

Infinity rose in a new, beautiful, modern colour. Infinity is distinguished by longer durability and large, full...[more]

Love Fragrance Forever®

Large-flowered pot roses with wonderful scent. This year's very best new item is the fragrant large flower-pot...[more]

Johanna™ Love Forever®

Johanna Love Forever is an innovation in large flower-pot roses. Spherical “Vintage” flowers sit beautifully over the...[more]

Inger Forever™

Great scent. Wonderful shrub rose with an incredible flower richness. Healthy and fast-spreading shrubbery....[more]

Friendship™ Forever

Friendship Forevers have a wonderful and rare warm yellow colour and are full, well-shaped flowers. Friendship...[more]

The Q-ismas Star® “Oak”

The Q-ismas Star® “Oak” is a new Unique Poinsettia from Graff Breeding®Q-ismas Oak, with its autumn colour, meets both...[more]

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