Floradania.dk: When plants become an Aloha experience

When plants become an Aloha experience

Paradise Flowers is the name of this summer's plant trend. With beautiful, colourful and exotic plants, you can transform your home into a virtual tropical paradise

In the wake of a financial crisis and a few harsh winters, consumers are now yearning for distant climes and real beauty. Jakob Søndergaard, director and lecturer at pej gruppen, expands on the content and possibilities of the trend:

"The consumer is looking for the beautiful sides of nature, in the form of exotic plants, abundant bird life, coral and island paradises, and there is a desire to bring these scenarios into the home," he explains, and continues:

"The focus is not Scandinavian, but is rather inspired by the tropical island paradises of the Pacific, and ranges in colour terms from turquoise and mint to yellow, orange and red. So a tropical expression is sought in Danish flowers and plants, which are styled like oases or colourful floral arrangements in the home. "

Naturalness and beauty
With natural beauty and authenticity as the foundations of the trend, the plants are supplemented by bases with the same look. These might include palm stems or fronds, pot covers or dishes with a sandy structure or braided (natural) materials.

"The trend emphasises creating a calm exterior. So if, for example, a ceramic base is used, it is the inner side that should be coloured - like a mother-of-pearl shell washed up on a beach."

Kick-start your holiday
While you wait for your summer holiday to arrive, you can kick-start your holiday dreams today and turn your home or patio into your own private Aloha Experience.

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