Floradania.dk: Welcome new plant friends

Welcome new plant friends

When we northerners visit the southern climes, we are always greeted with great kindness by the locals. Many exciting plants come from the Tropics, so return their hospitality and welcome them into your homes.

Acquire a new plant acquaintance
Most of the houseplants with which we surround ourselves have an exotic story of their origins behind them. So why not try something new, and create an atmosphere in your home with plants that grow wild elsewhere in the world.

All the plants mentioned below are easy to look after, so if you are not born with green fingers, this is just the right acquaintance for you. Invite the plants indoors, listen to their stories, and learn how to get your new friends to thrive.

Dracaena 'Anita'
A green plant with sumptuous fresh leaves. 'Anita' originally comes from Africa, but is also found today in Costa Rica. 'Anita' likes light, but is not fond of a place in the sun. She thrives at room temperature, where she should have her 'feet in water', and must not dry out.

Dracaena thalioides
The related decorative plant Dracaena thalioides comes from Sri Lanka and tropical Africa, and sometimes Central America. This Dracaena has beautiful long leaves and is also very durable. It needs a bright spot, but does not tolerate direct sunlight. It thrives as a shade plant and can easily provide a welcoming greeting in a dark hallway or corridor. Grows well at room temperature, and must not dry out.

Calathea rufibarba
A fun and unique plant with lanceolate, olive-green leaves with wavy edges and a purple underside and stem, with the common name furry feather. The plant originates from Brazil, where it is naturally widespread. Furry feather may be cultivated as a green houseplant, and should be placed in a bright spot, though not in direct sunlight. Thrives at room temperature, and must not dry out.

Ceropegia sandersonii is also called 'parachute plant' and can easily turn out to be your new best friend. Normally, the plant's tendrils wrap around a solid object, but the sturdy vines can easily be shaped into new expressions. Don't be afraid to arrange the plant differently, such as by letting it grow in a clear glass pot, so you can look in to the roots. Ceropegia tolerates light, but not direct sunlight. Thrives at room temperature, and must not dry out.

Parthenocissus, also known as Virginia creeper, is a climbing plant of the vine family. It originates from the temperate areas of Asia and North America. The plant climbs using small pads that can attach to almost any uneven surface. Besides its use as a houseplant, several varieties, such as woodbine, are also used as ornamental plants on buildings.

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