Floradania.dk: Trendy retro plant

Trendy retro plant

This houseplant has all what people of today seek in a plant. The snake plant is stylish and sculptural, hard to kill and requires only a minimum of care.

The snake plant, Sansevieria trifasciata, also called Mother-in-Law’s tongue, is no new invention in the world of houseplants. An entire generation of grandmothers had a sharp eye for the excellent qualities of the snake plant. The hardy plants were even handed down from generation to generation until they had to succumb to the whims of fashion.

However, as we know, fashion changes and now the snake plant has been rescued from oblivion to regain its star status in modern homes. Not many houseplants match the current trends the way that the snake plant does.

The long, sword-like leaves that shoot directly up from a rosette towards the sky make the snake plant an architecturally beautiful sculpture. And the graphic patterns in yellow, green and silvery colours underline the overall impression.

This is the plant that matches the lounge sofa and flat screen – the tight, design-conscious interior decoration. The plant can stand alone in a raw, stylish cache-pot, and yet be the centre of focus. There is definitely nothing dusty or old-fashioned about the snake plant when used in new, fashionable contexts and allowed to create surprising effects.

The snake plant is available for small as well as large surroundings. The leaves of the largest types can grow up to one metre tall, thus taking up a good deal of space in the room. At the other end of the scale, there are miniature plants with the sculptural expression of the snake plant; however, they grow no more than 20 cm tall.

The various varieties also differ in the colouration and patterns of the leaves. Some have yellow margins, some silvery cross stripes and some greyish green designs on the leaves.

Sansevieria cylindrica is a unique species. It is a very distinctive, sculptural plant with characteristic, cylindrical, fleshy leaves arranged in a beautiful fan shape.

The snake plant is unique since it not only matches the hot current style and design well, it is also perfect for the busy life of today leaving almost no time for pottering about ones houseplants. The snake plant is an unusually hardy plant that is easy to care for.

Worst case scenario for the plant is too much water and too little heat. Warm, dry room air, letting it dry out well between waterings, will really do the plant good. In other words, water thoroughly, but rarely. And water it from below, never directly in the rosette for this may cause the plant to rot.