Floradania.dk: Tips for modern living

Tips for modern living

Plants bring renewal and freshness to living rooms, where they more often are integrated with the interior decoration of the home. Place the plants on strategic places depending on their need for care and get full value for money.

Plants must be nursed in different ways. Some plants need a lot of light and water, while other can withstand no watering for up to 1 month. As a main rule flowering plants must be watered regularly, yet they must not soak in water. Place the plants close to the dining table so the remains of the water bottle  from dinner can benefit the plants.

Green interior
Plants are unique messengers to bring more personality and edge to the interior decoration when they are elements in a staging and current function of the rooms.

Plant a beautiful pink Schlumbergera, autumn cactus, in a jug of the same colour and place it on the dining table or plant a bunch of the plant in a modern basket or bowl.

Another funny idea is to place a plant in a cute pot that matches the books and the expression of the bookcase.

Finished plant solutions
Many other solutions are invented as we think of plants as equal to other interior things. These can easily be added to the interior decorating of your home.
Magnetic pots with mini plants are not only a creative and functional idea for the home, where they bring happiness in the play room or on the exhaust hood etc. They can also very easily be used in the office where they can be attached to the table legs or on whiteboards in the meeting room.

Another modern and chick solution for interior decorating are small succulents in a wood frame, which apart from being decorative and easy to nurse, will lighten up the photo shelf with the other frames.

A herb garden inside your home
In the winter half-year we need extra vitamins and herbs are a healthy supplement to our diet. Make you own window box with herbs for the window sill, where the herbs are easy for you to reach and use in your  cooking.

Caption: Staging plants brings edge to the interior decoration, e.g. Schlumbergera

Caption: Decorate with plants and create life in the bookcase or other places with plants, that thrives with less water like for instance Echeveria.

Caption: Green mini plants are amusing and delightful on the notice board.

Caption: Chick solution for interior decorating with small succulents in a wood frame.

Caption: Move the herbs to the window sill.

Caption: Plants are more often integrated with the interior decoration of the home. Why not transform the living room table into a lawn full of Sagina during the winter period.