Floradania.dk: This winter's plant trend, Tales of Flowers

This winter's plant trend, Tales of Flowers

Plenty of adventure, history and romance creates the basis for the plant trend of the winter, which has the obvious name Tales of Flowers or ”blooming stories”.

The inspiration for the trend dates back to 1850-90, which in many ways was a remarkable period in time  with a rapid development in technology while adventures were expanded in art and literature.This complexe universe with elements of both story telling, poetry and technique is added a modern touch  that connects romance to our time and creates an updated romantic atmosphere.

A better life and more content

Pernille Kirstine Møller, who is trend editor at pej gruppen, explains the idea of the trend in relation to the modern consumers.

The retrospective trends reminds us of a better life, they appeal to our state of mind and they bring added value to life style products.

Blooming stories in the interior decoration
This trend brings fine opportunities to create unique blooming stories that connect to the interior style of the home.

The romantic and mysterious expression is demonstrated with many fine and small flowers and tendrils in delicate pastel shades together with deep purple, black and wine red which are the basic colours of the trend,

says Pernille Kirstine Møller,

The pastel shades gives us lightness and optimism and together with the dark, dramatic colours also an exciting contrast. The flowering stories are arrangered in dishes and bowls with a stately  expression, while patinated silver and brass give that historic feeling,

ends Pernille.

Plants that match the trend:








Sedum ochroleucum

Tradescantia albiflora