Floradania.dk: This winter's plant trend, Flower Fusion

This winter's plant trend, Flower Fusion

Expect lots of colorful joy and new ways of combining plants in this winter's plant trend, which very eloquently is named Flower Fusion or "fusion of flowers"

According to trend researchers, new winds from the Middle-East blow towards this winter's interior decorating. The consumers are again open for new impulses and different colorful inspiration like patterns and decoration will mix them with the scandinavian look.

The Middle-East and Africa as inspiration
Anja Bisgaard Gaede, trend manager at pej gruppen (Scandinavian Trend Institute), says

-          "The trend itself is influenced by the Arab spring, where the democratisation process brings new inspiration to the West. Focus is turned towards the Middle East and Africa, where the tradition for decorating differs very much from our simple, nordic expression."

-          "Thus we use the inspiration from the ethnic ways of styling and apply it like drops in our typically scandinavian interior decorating"

says Anja Bisgaard Gaede and continues

-          "In a modern home we will see more colours, patterns and decoration as a whole. The color palette is broad and the warm exotic colours are being mixed with off-white, grey and petrol blue."

-          "In other terms, we mix ethnic ways of styling and get an even more individual style with inspiration from all over the world."

Patterns of leaves and colours are important details in interior decorating
On the plant side, the trend provides new opportunities to use the colours, patterns and structures that many living room plants have by nature.

In new combination, it brings interior decorating the look of aesthetics and foreignness, which is the core of the trend at the same time as your personal style is being maintained.

Many different plants in the same colour gives for an example a dynamic and courageous look, while pots covered with textile in exciting patterns underlines the craft of the Flower Fusion-theme.

Also, pailettes and glitter are nice details and will give the last touch of a fairy tale of 1001 nights. With relatively few means you can boost your home and make the long, dark winter a little more colourful and filled with athmosphere.

Suggestion for plants with exciting leaf structures or colours which match the trend:
Begonia rex
Helleborus (Christmas rose)
Hypoestes (Polka-dot plant)
Peperomia (Watermelon leaf)

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