Floradania.dk: This winter's plant trend, Floral Delight

This winter's plant trend, Floral Delight

Let the storms rage and the wind howl outside, because this winter your home will bloom indoors. According to trend researchers, we can look forward to a romantic winter full of flowers, colours and joy

Winter with a big B
The Floral Delight trend draws its inspiration from ancient Persia, with classical patterns and decorative elements in the form of botany, ballet and bohemianism. The stage is set for pleasure and romance, with deep shades of red and purple among its driving forces.

On the plant side, the trend provides new opportunities to combine plants in different colours and forms, large and small, and thereby create exciting patterns and unusual experiences.  

Feminine influence
Jakob Søndergaard, senior manager and lecturer at pej gruppen (Scandinavian Trend Institute), elaborates on the new opportunities that the trend gives in relation to interiors:

"The inspiration is certainly taken from a classical, masculine universe, but the contemporary expression is pure and Scandinavian. This gives the trend a touch of femininity, creating renewal and balance in the overall picture."  

"While the red colour provides dynamism and strength, the shades of violet and subdued mahogany give the trend depth and peace, with gold and copper replacing the silver look that has characterised interiors for some time."

Let the romance bloom
So use these dark days to freshen up your home with bright colours and beautiful floral and natural motifs - and turn up the romance at the same time! 

Caption: Shades of red and flowers in varying colours and sizes create exciting effects in Floral Delight.

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