Floradania.dk: This summer's plant trend: Botanical Renaissance

This summer's plant trend: Botanical Renaissance

With this summer's plant trend, which draws inspiration from the summer gardens of the Renaissance, new and milder winds are beginning to blow across the consumer landscape. The new currents are also reflected in flower arrangements for the home

The classical Renaissance period marked a break with the condemnatory medieval view of humanity and gave more freedom to the individual. Aesthetics and an idealised approach to nature and flowers became an important linchpin in artistic expression – and it is from this universe that the plant trend Botanical Renaissance draws its inspiration.

Delicate natural colours
Anja Bisgaard Gaede, trend manager at pej group, elaborates on the trend in relation to the interior image:

"Right from the start of the year, we saw art being used as an initiator and source of inspiration. This trend has continued, and has now found a place in the classical Renaissance, which is a very popular period at the moment," she explains.

"We have drawn closer to the colours of nature and the delicate, romanticised colour expression. Inspiration from the botanical world provides a white, chalky expression, while motifs from nature and the summer garden have taken on a more ornamental role."

"Or to put it another way, nature will eventually go from being a trend to a style."

Plant + base = whole
Anja continues:

"In Botanical Renaissance, it is a goal to create a relation, or object, if you like, made up of a potted plant and a base, where by base we mean the pot, bowl or vase in which the plants are arranged and styled."

"Translated into practical plant solutions for the consumers, this means bases with soft, rounded shapes in materials such as ceramics decorated with marbling techniques or Renaissance motifs, or wooden or metallic surfaces, which perfectly complement the natural plants and colours from the world of flowers."

"In this way you can create the desired look, and achieve the match that the trend aims for between the living potted plants and the processed base."

Ideas for plants that match Botanical Renaissance:

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