Floradania.dk: This spring's plant trend: Ornamental Balance

This spring's plant trend: Ornamental Balance

Art will be the major source of inspiration in 2013, with the spring’s plant arrangements, especially, being characterised by ornamentation and delight in colours

According to the trend researchers, we need new pathways and landmarks. The consumers lack passion, the politicians lack vision, and the creative people lack budgets. But all of this helps to make art an obvious source of inspiration.

Art as kick-start
Anja Bisgaard Gaede, trend manager at pej group, explains the opportunities and the potential that lies in the art universe:

"Art provides a kick-start to innovation. The designers have taken it to heart and put into a provoking and innovative context, where it will help to change the status quo and create a new direction for design," says Anja, and continues:

"While the Renaissance was a cultural movement, the trend now is for art to be widely embraced. The focus is on ornamentation and colours, which can really be cultivated and expanded on in the plant universe, and we will see a new balance between sensuality and technology."

Playing with light
"There will be a strong influence from holography and other technologies that work with light and ways in which it can be captured for bases and accessories for plants, while flowers and plants will play their natural roles," says Anja.

"Besides white, which plays a central role, the colour spectrum will shift in the direction of sorbet shades of coral, yellow and pink, in a refreshing interaction with neon pink and golden orange. This may find expression in surprising decorations, in which the physical and natural potted plants are placed in organic or square pot covers of plastic, Plexiglas or coloured glass."

"The expression may well surprise, for surprise is precisely one of the experiences that art helps to foster and reinforce," Anja concludes.

Ideas for plants that match Ornamental Balance:

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