Floradania.dk: This spring's plant trend: Flowers conquer the home

This spring's plant trend: Flowers conquer the home

In 2011, according to the trend analysts, it′s all about combining the useful with the beautiful - and what fits that description better than plants? When this spring's plant trend, Modern Bloom, makes its entrance into the home, the plants will provide a colourful and decorative touch

Ethics and aesthetics
Anja Bisgaard Gaede is a trend editor at the Pej group, and works with the latest trends in the world of interiors:

"Consumers are yearning for beauty and are moving away from the stiff path of virtue," she says. "They are attracted to more aesthetic and pleasure-based values, but they dare not drop common sense completely. So the greatest delight lies in things that are pleasurable, but beautiful and useful at the same time."

Once you've said that, it's not hard to imagine how the plant world fits into that scenario. Anja expands on this overall message in  this spring's plant trend, Modern Bloom, or "flowers in the modern home":

"For many people, the interior of the modern home has now become too clinical and cool, so plants contribute a much-needed touch of colour and decoration."

The key colours of the new plant trend are blue and green, together with blossom or pink. When you're juggling with the colours at home, it is important to maintain a balance between plant and base.

If, for example, the flowers are garish and bright, then the pot cover, dish or pot should be in a neutral colour, while green plants can be pepped up with coloured or decorated surfaces.

Plant suggestions for the Modern Bloom trend:
Desert rose (Adenium)
Jasmine (Jasminum)
Maidenhair vine (Muehlenbeckia)
Passion flower (Passiflora)
Radiator plant (Peperomia)
Grape hyacinth (Muscari)

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