Floradania.dk: This autumn's plant trend: Forest Delight

This autumn's plant trend: Forest Delight

Nature plays a central role in this autumn's plant trend, Forest Delight, says a Danish trend researcher. The stage is set for romance, with natural materials in the autumn expression.

In a time when share prices soar one day and crash the next, consumers live in a vortex of uncertainty and turbulence. They compensate by seeking reassurance from nature -  especially as nest-building is a key element in this autumn's plant trend. 

Nest building with plants
Jakob Søndergaard, lecturer and managing director of the pej group, explains how plants can be used to create the right mood and expression in the home:

"Consumers are attempting to follow a 'play it safe' strategy, or as we say in Denmark, they are trying to wear both belt and braces. One expression of this is through imitation of the universe of the bird's nest at home."

"While the home is given a natural packaging with green plants or plants in dark brown, golden or burnt shades -  the colours of this trend -  the inspiration is mainly drawn from the forest and the winter garden, which helps to give the overall look a touch of romance."

Green is secure and good
This autumn, we will therefore see the forest floor, moss, trees and leaves turning up as recurring themes or motifs in interior design, with plants as the central linchpin. 

"And of course, the colour green is known to create a sense of security," adds Jakob Søndergaard.

Plant suggestions for the Forest Delight trend:
Begonia rex

The Forest Delight theme was used as inspiration for the trend exhibition at this year's Flower Festival in Odense, and will also be presented at the Floral Cup flower arranging competition, to be held at Handelsfagskolen in Aarhus on 3-4 September. 

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