Floradania.dk: The plant trend of spring – Colourful Spirit

The plant trend of spring – Colourful Spirit

Plants combined with graphic patterns, funny shapes and copper characterizes the plant trend of spring, Colourful Spirit with colourful inspiration from South America and the surrounding oceans

Rethinking of our homes
Exotic landscapes, passion and verve interpreted in a nordic way are basic elements of spring's plant trend, Colourful Spirit, which according to trend researchers is a reaction to the past time that has created a need for rethinking in our homes.

Consumption is growing
Pernille Kirstine Møller, who is trend editor at pej gruppen, tells about the trend, its basic elements and possibilities in relation to interior decorating and fashion :

-       Our mindset moves from difficult to ”okay” and the crisis lies in the past so now the consumers moves from pause to slow motion. Old trends are barred and new arise and they will reflect the way we decorate our homes and the colours and materials which we choose.
- We will find nature exotic and metallised while the materials are flexible and functional

says Pernille Kirstine Møller and continues

-       In relation to the styling of our plants we seek for a colourful nordic expression where it is allowed to mix the plants. We will find both flowering plants in warm colours - at best with colours in the background - with several colours in the flower - combined with pots in funny shapes or with graphic patterns and a more ocean-inspired universe with copper, wood or plastic.

The colours can be the same or in the same tone as the plant and pot and it will give a more alive or rigorous result depending on the expression and the colour of the plant.

The colour scale in Colourful Spirit consists of passionate red colours from bordeaux to pink and adds warmth and passion to the trend. The counterweight is shades of water like light blue and mint blue.

Suggestions to plants that match the trend :
Peperomia caperata

: As the name implies you may mix the colours in Colourful Spirit

Caption: Inspiration from the ocean fits perfectly into the nordic atmosphere