Floradania.dk: The plant market in east and west

The plant market in east and west

While 83.3% of eastern Danes pamper themselves with plants in the home, western Danes are more likely to give plants as a gift. A new survey reveals geographical differences in Danish plant use

According to the survey conducted by the market research institute Wilke Markedsanalyse, the Danish plant market can generally be divided into "Team East" and "Team West", just as in the TV property programme "Going, going ...", with respect to whether Danes buy plants for their own enjoyment, or as gifts. 

The survey reveals that no less than 83.3% of eastern Danes buy plants for themselves, as against 66.7% in Aarhus and Odense, respectively.  Eastern Danes also comprise the segment that buy most plants at once.

Jutlanders give green gifts
But when it comes to giving plants as gifts, the western Danes are the ones who are more likely to choose a green solution.  The study shows that 25% of western Danes purchase plants as gifts, as opposed to just 8.3% of Copenhageners, and 16.7% of the inhabitants of Funen.

Regions and personality
Peter Ingemann, host of the "Going, going ..." series,  who visits a lot of homes around the country in that connection, does not rule out the possibility that factors other than geography may play a role in plant purchases. 

"On a national level, we see both homes with many plants, and homes with a very minimalist decor.  In my opinion it is also a matter of the type of person who lives there, and their personality," says Peter Ingemann.

"But my observations don′t necessarily conflict with the results of the survey, because I can′t tell whether the plants I see in the various homes round about are gifts or the home-owner′s own purchases."

East, west - home best
If you ask the plants themselves where they prefer to be, many plants thrive very well in windows facing east or west, because here they will get direct sun at some point during the day. 

But that's another story entirely.

Peter Ingemann: Photo: Bjarne Pedersen, DR

The survey took the form of personal exit interviews following plant purchases. It involved a total of 99 persons, and was conducted at ten locations in Denmark, in the cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.  The geographical data are based on a relatively small number of respondents.

Source: Wilke Markedsanalyse

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