Floradania.dk: The green, the air-cleansing, the climbing and the unusual ...

The green, the air-cleansing, the climbing and the unusual ...

Specialty crops will occupy a central place at the exhibition at Handelspladsen in August. Putting things a little back to front, you could say that their only common feature is that they are different to each other






The specialty exhibition at the late-summer edition of Handelspladsen is the fourth and final one for this year, and includes a number of current seasonal niche products, each of which is presented with its own special story in words and pictures.

Lepismium bolivianum: Decorative and cool succulent with an unusual look
This elegant plant has beautiful, slender, elongated leaves with fine notches. While its name may be hard to pronounce, it is an easy, undemanding and natural plant to care for. Lepismium grows wild in South America, where it meanders along cliffsides and sloping mountain walls. As a houseplant, you can feel a little bit of that wildness when you place it in bookcases or tall windows.

Hoya linearis: Graceful and exotic
This narrow-leaved wax flower is an evergreen, succulent-like plant with slender, hanging branches and leaves. It has fine, mild-scented  
white umbels that can acquire flowers over time. The wax flower, which comes from the Himalayas, is suitable for shelving units and tall windows.

Cissus antarctica: Robust retro plant with air-cleansing properties
The Kangaroo Vine combines nostalgia and functionality. With its glossy green leaves with wavy, serrated edges, this durable climbing plant guarantees a green and healthy indoor climate. As it thrives in partial shade, it is ideal for both the living-room and the home office.

Picea glauca ’Conica’: dwarf Alberta spruce in a jute sack
A charmer with a conical form and small green needles. This little ‘Christmas tree’ pot plant, in nifty natural wrapping, will create instant Christmas spirit in the living-room. Use it as a sweet gift idea or as a charming Christmas greeting. Once the tree has created a warm December atmosphere indoors, it can be placed outdoors, where it can withstand temperatures down to minus 20-30o C.

Rosa hybrid: Cosy roses
Roses are both festive and formal, and if you need a little more colour and power in your home decor, a single pot or two on the window sill can work wonders. Here several colours are combined in the same pot, creating a cool and colourful sixties atmosphere.

Visit Handelspladen in Odense
The specialty crops can be seen at the Handelspladsen horticultural trade fair on 12-13 August at Holkebjergvej 74 in Odense (exit 52). The fair is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on the first day and from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on the second day. The press is welcome.

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