Floradania.dk: Thaw out the winter with spring flowers

Thaw out the winter with spring flowers

If you are beginning to long for the sound of dripping from the eaves and the indisputable bright green glow of spring on trees and bushes, you can hurry the thaw along with some lovely spring flowers in pots

Many of the first harbingers of spring can tolerate temperatures of around freezing point, so even if winter does not seem ready to loosen its iron grip just yet, you can set your own private thaw going and give King Winter a little opposition by selecting plants and locations that match the changeable weather of spring.

Pansies tolerate frost
The Viola family of plants goes hand in hand with spring, and includes many different types, all of which go under the broad designation of pansies. And since all pansies can withstand frost, there is very little risk of disappointment.

Get some inspiration from the great variety of pansies in all colours and forms that the flower shops and garden centres are stocking right now, and find just the spring expression you want. You might choose a colour theme, with for example nothing but blue plants in the pots, or perhaps a multi-coloured type, or else you could compose a whole potpourri of joyful spring colours - only your imagination sets the limits.

Move Primula outdoors
If you are one of those who just could not wait and have already kick-started the spring indoors with Primula, or primrose, the chances are that you can plant your Primula outside in pots once the worst snow is gone.

Primula goes well with other fresh spring pots, either as a contrast or as part of a defined colour symphony. Most Primula types, such as the large-flowered primrose, Primula vulgaris, or the hollow-collared cowslip, Primula veris, belong like Viola to the perennial family and are therefore winter-hardy.

So don't let yourself be intimidated by winter, but get your own inner thaw going and bring the spring early to your home this year.

Below are listed the most common types of pansies and instructions for care:


Popular name                            


Care instructions:

Viola x wittrockiana



Always keep the compost moist, thrives best in a bright position, but does not tolerate direct sunlight.

Viola cornuta



Always keep the compost moist, thrives best in a bright position, but does not tolerate direct sunlight.

Viola odorata

Sweet Violet


Keep the compost moist, thrives best in direct sunlight. Winter-hardy.

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