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Table decorations with living plants

Early summer is a great time with new confirmands and students lending colours to the surroundings and newly-married couples and nature flourishing side by side. Inspired by the Art Nouveau style of the 19th century, the summer plant trend of 2009 with its sweeping lines and plant motifs, forms the perfect backdrop for alternative, exciting table decorations.

It can be a real challenge to create the right table decoration for the occasion. It should not only be a real treat but the decoration should also match the preference, style and situation perfectly.

Climbers - this summer′s hit
The fulcrum of this summer′s plant trend, Nature Nouveau, is sweeping lines expressed in climbers and living vines. Popular, classic climbers such as Ceropegia and Passiflora that are usually twisted around a hoop are unfolded and the vines used to create beautiful, refined patterns twisting and turning along the table.

It is easiest to cut the vines off the plants but if you want to use them to decorate your home afterwards, simply plant them in low cache-pots after you have unwound the vines. If you want to add more colour to the table than provided by the flower heads, simply place miniature plants in matching colours between the vines.

Cut flower heads sprinkled loosely or in a specific pattern on the table is another easy and sweet way of decorating your table.

Plenty of opportunities with miniature plants
Cover roses are also well-known and popular as table decorations and new colours and varieties appear all the time. In addition to roses, there is also a wealth of lovely miniature plants available which can be combined in every way you like.

Different miniature plants can be planted in hyacinth glasses in every colour imaginable or in other fun glasses available in your home. Place them in a row or in groups across the centre of the table.

Miniature plants are also excellent as place cards. Today, many miniature plants are available in stylish, modern cache-pots ready to be placed on the table with the names of the guests.

Plants for every occasion - and personality
The table decoration can be inspired by the current trend but can also reflect your menu, sex, dress, favourite colour or other distinctive marks for no matter whether you are a boy or a girl, cool or romantic, the lovely summer flowers offer you a wealth of possibilities for laying a festive table the way you like it.

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Suggestions for possible plants in similar shades:
Blue colours: Exacum affine (Persian violet), Campanula, Saintpauli

Rose colours: Kalanchoe, rose, Hydrangea (hortensia), Chrysanthemum

White colours: Argyranthemum (Marguerite Daisy), Spathiphyllum (Peace Lilly)

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