Floradania.dk: Stylish hortensia

Stylish hortensia

Not many plants have as resplendent, almost round flower heads as the hortensia (Hydrangea macrophylla). Throughout the years, it has therefore been a treasured and popular plant.

Today, hortensia is available in many different colours such as blue, rose, red, white and lilac; add to this all the different shades available within these colours. As to the size of hortensia, you can choose between sturdy, three- or four-branched plants or the slighter one-branched version. Hortensia is also available as huge four-year-old shrubs or standards.

The good thing about hortensia is that it tolerates direct sunlight, provided, however, that it never lacks water. Never allow hortensia to dry out but don't treat it as a marsh plant; so keep it constantly but moderately moist.

Room temperature is fine but it also tolerates somewhat cooler temperatures where its flowers live longer. Feed only in the growing season from February to October.


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