Floradania.dk: Spring paintbox with large-flowered roses

Spring paintbox with large-flowered roses

Turn up the colours and brighten the mood with a great rose mixture

Colours make us feel happy – that’s just how it is! And with a beautiful, large-flowered rose mix that will brighten up your whole home with its vivid and intense colours, you simply cannot help the joyful feeling that spring is on the way.

Pink, yellow, red, white or orange roses – choose your favorite colour, or place the roses together in baskets and pots all over your home – wherever you wish to create a spring atmosphere. The enchanting rose fragrance will spread throughout the house, and spring will feel just around the corner.

Keep the roses evenly moist, so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

All of the roses are highly suitable for planting out in pots and beds after flowering indoors.

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