Floradania.dk: Spring is springing - refresh your containers

Spring is springing - refresh your containers

"Don′t worry…be happy" is the motto of this spring′s "Happy Home" plant trend. Refresh your containers using colourful plants that match the season. It′s an excellent cure for the feeling of crisis!

Just now, you can satisfy your impatience and spring feeling: the very first outdoor plants are now available. They tolerate low temperatures and a slight frost which the weather gods are still offering us. The plants you combine should signal optimism, be colourful and surprising. Colourful containers made of for example plastic would be a good choice to this end.

One of the very first outdoor plants is the classic pansy which has dark green leaves and large violet-like flowers in pure or mixed colours. Pansy flowers from March to June and thrives excellently in full sunlight in window-boxes and containers. Spice up your salad with the edible flowers!

wealth of wild-growing daisies is already now springing up in meadows and lawns. Its close relative, the grown daisy, has large, single or double flowers in candy-like pastel colours. Fill your containers with early daisies that thrive best in full sunlight. Pick off one flower, remove the petals one by one to find out whether he loves you!

If you are lucky, you may find flowering sweet violets in gardens and thickets. Enjoy them where they are! In stead, buy pots with sweet violets for your sky-blue container and enjoy the wonderful scent of the flowers. And add a touch of blue to your salad using the edible flowers! It′s a Danish tradition to celebrate spring with Sweet Violets. In the old days, lots of bouquets and wreaths of sweet violets gathered in nature were sold at the Copenhagen Wholesale Market.

Ranunculus has large, double peony-like flowers in all the colours of the rainbow on resplendent, strong stems. Mix the various flower colours and create a large, colourful container. Place it at your front door where the sparkling colours will make you and yours guests happy. Remember to water ranunculus often! Its wild relative is called "buttercup" because people thought that its yellow flower colour made butter yellow after cows had eaten buttercup flowers.

Forget-me-not symbolises love and friendship, some of life's true values! Forget-me-not′s shiny blue flowers with yellow centres sit in scorpioid cymes, smiling to the sun and you. Enjoy the blue, blue colour alone in the container, or in bold mix of forget-me-nots and other flower shapes and colours. Pick off a few flowering stems and make your loved one happy with a small bouquet of forget-me-nots on her bed tray!

Primula derives from the Latin word "primus" meaning "the first" because it flowers so early in the year. There are numerous different spring flowering primula/primrose species, and most of them form a decorative rosette of leaves. The blue-violet flowers in drumstick primula sit in ball-shaped heads on strong stems whereas Himalayan meadow primrose has delicate, rose flowers. The cowslip flowers are sweet-scented, pale yellow and have orange spots. They are surrounded by a decorative, yellowish green, blown-up cup.

njoy the details of the fine flowers! Primrose has large, sweet-scented single or double flowers with flat limbs. Paint your containers in strong, vivid flower colours!

In short, there are numerous flowering spring plants just now, capable of awakening your spring feeling for beautiful flowering plants. Buy them in your favourite colours, create fun arrangements, and be creative when filling your containers! "Don′t worry - be happy!"