Floradania.dk: Spring in the home

Spring in the home

Once the Christmas tree is gone and the poinsettias are starting to hang their heads, people begin to long for the freshness and vigour of spring. Invite the first harbingers of spring into your home, and brighten the mood a little

Often, a sudden sensory stimulus will unconsciously call forth a sense of spring, with all its fragrances and colourful flowers. Sometimes it may be the sight of tiny, delicate snowdrops, crocuses or irises peeping forth, or joyful, brightly-coloured large-flowered primroses, Primula vulgaris, which can light up the street scene on a dark and cold winter day.

Hold on to that moment and bring spring into your home, where you can cultivate a spring atmosphere long before the calendar announces the official arrival of the new season.

Bulbs indoors and out

Nature created bulbous plants for low temperatures, so their growth will really get going if you bring them inside to the warmth, where they will unfold as though it truly were spring. Bulbous plants will last longest if you place them in a bright, cool spot, and once the outdoor temperatures rise above freezing, you can safely plant them out into a pot by the front door, where you can enjoy the sight of them for many weeks.

The colours of spring
Large-flowered primroses offer a broad palette of fresh spring colours, from their original yellow to subtle pastel shades, as well as strong colour contrasts and the more recent, popular brick-coloured and burnt hues. There is also a wide range of special varieties, such as fringed, double-flowered and miniature plants, so there is plenty to choose from.

The fragrant primroses can last for a long time if they are placed in a bright and preferably cool spot, and when temperatures are above freezing outside, they can be planted out and light up the entrance to your home, together with, for example, bulbous plants.

A scent of spring
Fragrances are strong sensory stimulants which can spontaneously awaken sensations of spring when you least expect it. The multi-flowered jasmine, Jasminum polyanthum, has its own alluring way of bringing a touch of spring atmosphere into the home, and when its snow-white flowers send a lovely scent of summer wafting through the room, not even the winter scene outside can dispel the mood.

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